Voice of the Students

VOICE of the STUDENTS is a platform for youth-led strategies to support mental health and emotional wellness for teens.

Students will work to find solutions that help you and your friends be healthy, happy, and productive, with the support of peers, families, schools, and community organizations.


  • Serve as a solid platform for youth driven strategies that support mental health and emotional wellness.

  • Bridge mental health and overall wellbeing for teens.

  • Create a sustainable connection between community support organizations and youth.

  • Help teens find resources and opportunities related to their chosen strategies (school and community).

  • Assist school administration in addressing critical student needs while supporting related school policies.


  • On-campus chapters with faculty/staff advisors (plus a chapter for homeschoolers).

  • Off-campus events to gather teens from throughout the county.

  • Supported by community organizations that care about our local youth.


  • Open to all middle and high school students in Transylvania County.